The Home Screen

The Brief
To place my wallpaper collection, Yesterday & Tomorrow, into context through a physical object or experience. The implementation will enhance the themes of nostalgia and digital technology that inspired the collection.

The Approach
Doll’s houses have been used throughout history to reflect the lives of the owners and makers. By implementing my wallpaper’s into this setting, this will create a visual record of how technology has become embedded into modern life. Similiarly to nostalgia, doll’s houses can be used to revisit time that has since past, despite one never being able to fully return. The doll’s house will be presented through the format of a 360˚ virtual tour, so the digital audience can return to the ‘good old days’.

The Impact

  • The first digital doll’s house.

  • A home for the digital ‘good old days’ that can be digitally toured.

  • A symbol of how deeply digital technology has impacted childhood and modern life.

  • An immersive experience of technostalgia.

Textiles, Print, Illustration, Graphics