An Italian Summer

The Brief
Textiles hold memories, whether this be through the event in which it is worn, or its original origin. Create a range of patterns inspired by a certain memory, and use these to produce a physical product that one may have worn at that event/location.

The Approach
Taking inspiration from photo albums, I created a silk scarf collection using film photographs taken from my travels. The scarves were designed with a reversible pattern, making the piece more adaptable, a necessity when designing with sustainability in mind.

The Impact

  • A personal range of print designs made from a photo album.

  • 3 silk scarves with reversible designs.

  • A sustainable design solution to the silk scarf, through the reversible design, giving the user more wear-ability options.

  • Ideal for the individual consumer, a trend enforced in the presence of social media.

Textiles, Print, Illustration, Graphics